What does coucou mean in english? (2023)

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What is the meaning of the French word Coucou?

Coucou is a way of saying hello in French, similar to salut – hi.

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How do you use Coucou in French?

“Coucou” is used to greet friends and family. Although there is no exact translation, the British English word “Toodaloo” resembles it the most. The only major difference between these two terms is that “Toodaloo” is more commonly used to say goodbye, whilst “Coucou” is used to say hello.

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How do you respond to Coucou in French?

What's the proper reply to coucou? You can either say coucou back, or go for a salut or bonjour. They're all normal replies. If you aren't a fan of coucou, salut and ça va work as informal greetings as well if you want to stray from bonjour.

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Do French men say Coucou?

Now to be clear, Coucou is a rather recent addition to the French dictionary. It is mostly used by young people, and more often by women rather than men. Two men will more likely greet each other with a Bonjour, or Salut, rather than Coucou.

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Why do people say Coucou?

'Coucou' is probably the most casual and affectionate way to say 'Hey' or 'Hi' in French. It originally meant 'peekaboo', and can still be used in that way. Adults will often say 'Coucou' to greet small children.

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Does Coucou mean hello in French?

Hello in French

Meaning: “Hi!” About: Coucou is a sweet, sincere way of saying hi, normally reserved for close friends and family.

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How do you greet a French girl?

The traditional French greeting: la bise. La bise is a cheek kiss or a series of cheek kisses. This has been the typical way for French people to greet each other since at least the 1960's, and farther back for family members and close friends. In many situations, la bise is the quintessential French greeting.

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What is Koo Koo in French?

The French word “coucou” [koo koo] is used as an endearing exclamation to a loved one, meaning “hello” or “hi” so, Cou.

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What is ku ku in French?

The French word "coucou," [koo koo] can be used as an exclamation meaning "hello" or "hi." It is similar to the English excalamation, "peek-a-boo!" It is also used to refer to the cuckoo clock.

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What is the French slang for hello?

1. “Hi” in French – Salut! Just as commonly used, but a bit more informal, Salut is what we could call Bonjour's cool kid. Meaning “hi”, “hello” or sometimes even “bye”, Salut is the informal French greeting you can use with family and friends but not with your boss or teacher.

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What is the meaning of Coucou Bonsoir?

coucou bonsoir – Dictionary and online translation between English and over 90 other languages. French. English. coucou bonsoir. hello good evening.

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What is considered rude to French?

French people tend not to visit unannounced or uninvited. To do so is considered rude. When invited to a dinner, it is common for guests to ask their hosts if they are required to bring something on the day. Guests may also bring a bottle of wine or dessert.

What does coucou mean in english? (2023)
How do you flirt with a guy in French?

Here are some typical phrases used to flirt in French:
  1. Excuse-moi, tu as l'heure ? ...
  2. Pardon, tu aurais du feu/une cigarette ? ...
  3. Tu es avec quelqu'un ? ...
  4. Tu veux (aller) boire un verre ? ...
  5. Je peux t'offrir un verre ? ...
  6. Tu viens souvent ici ? ...
  7. Tu veux aller faire un tour ? ...
  8. On pourrait peut être aller…
Feb 6, 2023

How do French greet strangers?

As we mentioned at the beginning, a greeting is of great importance in France. If you go down the street , if you get on the bus, or enter a bakery, and you meet someone you see on a regular basis the most normal thing is to say “bonjour”, even if you don't really know the person.

What is the origin of Coucou?

Etymology. From Old French cucu; onomatopoeic derivative of the call of the cuckoo (bird), coucou, or from Latin cuculus.

Why do French say Du coup?

Du coup literally means "of the blow," but in use the meaning is akin to "so, like" or "you know." French speakers opt for du coup and alors du coup because these expressions are cool at the moment.

How do you greet someone in France?

The most common greeting in French is the very useful “bonjour”, and “bonsoir”. The first can be used throughout the day, and the second in the evening. “Salut” is also widely used in a more informal setting.

What is Hello Girl in French?

French Translation. bonjour fille. More French words for hello girl. bonjour jeune fille.

What is the difference between Coucou and salut?

If salut is informal, coucou takes it a step further. This is another casual greeting that translates loosely into the equivalent of “hey there!”. As you can imagine, French culture might consider shouting this down the street to be uncouth, so it's slang reserved for specific situations.

What is the best reply to bonjour?

You can either reply saying "Bonjour" back or you could say "salut" which also means hello but in an informal way.

How do you respond to Merci Beaucoup?

Merci Beaucoup – Thank you very much

You can reply to this phrase by saying De rien (You are welcome), if it's an informal engagement, or Je vous en prie (You are welcome), in a formal setting.

What is the kissing culture in France?

La bise is an exchange of kisses on the cheek and the traditional greeting in France. It's something most French people engage in at least once or twice a day, whether with family or friends, or with colleagues.

Is Coucou formal or informal?

Initial Greetings
FrenchEnglish equivalentFormality
CoucouHeyVery informal
BonsoirGood evening/nightSlightly formal
RebonjourHello againNeutral
3 more rows

What does Bo Bo mean in French?

Bobo is a portmanteau word used to describe the socio-economic bourgeois-bohemian group in France, the French analogue to the English notion of the "champagne socialist".

What is Ding Dong in French?

ding-dong {noun} FR. volume_up. ding dong. échange vif de mots.

What does fa fa mean in French?

What does fafa mean? Fafa is a nonsense word parodying French. It can also be a pet form of father or papa.

What does Ku Ku mean in Russian?

ку-ку́ • (ku-kú) m anim or f anim (indeclinable) (colloquial, derogatory) an insane person synonyms ▲ Synonyms: псих (psix), ненорма́льный (nenormálʹnyj)

Can I say beaucoup des?

Following adverbs of quantity such as trop, pas assez, beaucoup, plein, énormément, etc, the article des becomes de. J'ai des boutons → J'ai plein de boutons.

What is the hardest French word to say?


Brace yourself: The hardest French word to pronounce is the word for locksmith – “serrurerie“. It was the most commonly repeated response.

Do you pronounce yes in French?

Yes in French – oui – is pronounced more or less like 'we' in English, and we use it a lot. It's neither formal or informal, it can be used in pretty much any occasion to answer in the affirmative. So, if in doubt, you can always go with “oui” to say yes in French.

Do French people kiss to say hello?

Of Latin origin, the greeting kissing persists in countries where the culture of contact dominates, and this culture is deeply rooted in France. The French still greet each other by touching each other, kissing or shaking hands.

How do you say bye bye in French?

Au revoir.

(Oh reh-vwah) This is the most common ways of saying goodbye in French, and it's acceptable for the vast majority of situations, formal and informal. It literally means “until we each see each other again.

How do you end a greeting in French?

Signing off

Veuillez accepter, Messieurs (or Monsieur or Madame), mes salutations distinguées. Croyez, cher Monsieur (or chère Madame), à l'expression de mes sentiments les meilleurs.

What language is Coucou ca va?

acceptable. or to ask how someone is doing. the most common phrases in French. Ça va???

What is Bonsoir ca bien?

English. bonsoir ca va. good evening are you okay.

What is the most vulgar French word?

Let's take a look:
  • Putain. 'Putain' is definitely the most commonly used French swear word. ...
  • Merde. 'Merde' is another popular curse word- perhaps not as popular as 'putain' but it is still used a lot. ...
  • Va te faire foutre. ...
  • Je m'en fous. ...
  • Ta gueule. ...
  • Salope/ Salaud. ...
  • Bâtard/ Bâtarde. ...
  • Niquer.
Nov 3, 2022

How do the French view Americans?

Since the French view Americans as overly proud and conservative people, self-reflection is applauded. Aside from encounters with Americans, only a few reference points remain. American TV Shows or fast-food chains are often used to define and understand American culture.

How to behave in France as an American?

Here's how to handle the French like a pro.
  1. Don't take “non!” for an answer. ...
  2. Don't freak out if someone cuts you in line. ...
  3. Don't expect speedy service. ...
  4. A formal, polite greeting goes a long way. ...
  5. Just don't quote “Lady Marmalade” ...
  6. If you're speaking English, take it slow. ...
  7. Don't attempt small talk with a French person.
Dec 27, 2018

What do French call their lover?

Mon beau / Ma belle / Ma beauté

Mon beau is typically used for a boyfriend, but can also be used for a close friend or family member, while ma belle is for women. Ma beauté can be used for both female and male loved ones.

What is the most romantic thing to say in French?

Je t'aime passionnément – I love you passionately. Je t'aime à la folie – I love you like crazy. Je t'aime d'amour – I love you with true love.

What do French couples call each other?

10 French Love Nicknames
  • Mon amour – my love.
  • Mon ange – my angel.
  • Mon trésor – my treasure.
  • Mon coeur – my heart.
  • Mon canard – my duck – yes, I know…
Jan 25, 2023

Do the French like to flirt?

4 – Flirting is an Artform in France

It's in our genes and it's socially accepted in France. A Frenchwoman is expected to play her feminine side, and be “admired” for her beauty and wit among other qualities. Frenchmen like to flirt as well, even if they know very well there is no hope of it leading anywhere.

How do French people express love?

The French don't have to say it, either. They are happy to communicate their feelings with hugs, cuddles and kisses wherever and whenever they feel the need to express love. There is no debate about public displays of affection in France, where PDAs are celebrated as a fortunate consequence of love.

How do French show respect?

Respect is shown in verbal greetings by referring to the person as 'Madam' ('Ms') or 'Monsieur' ('Mr'). Though previously the title 'Madam' referred to a married woman and 'Mademoiselle' referred to an unwed woman, this practice is no longer commonplace.

What is the difference between salut and Coucou?

If salut is informal, coucou takes it a step further. This is another casual greeting that translates loosely into the equivalent of “hey there!”. As you can imagine, French culture might consider shouting this down the street to be uncouth, so it's slang reserved for specific situations.

Do French people actually say salut?

The informal French greeting “Salut!” (pronounced sah-lu) has several meanings including hi, hello, bye, goodbye and cheers. The French strictly use salut with acquaintances and not strangers. In more formal situations the French use both bonjour and au revoir.

Why do French people say je ne sais quoi?

The French phrase je ne sais quoi was borrowed into English as early as the 1650s to characterize some inexpressible, indefinable, or ineffable quality, such as some element that makes an engaging work of art or charismatic person special.

How do you greet someone in French?

The most common greeting in French is the very useful “bonjour”, and “bonsoir”. The first can be used throughout the day, and the second in the evening. “Salut” is also widely used in a more informal setting. These are the most basic greetings that will commonly be learned in lessons for French for kids.

What is the hardest French word to pronounce?


Brace yourself: The hardest French word to pronounce is the word for locksmith – “serrurerie“. It was the most commonly repeated response.


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