What causes the death of Jean Valjean? (2023)

What happened to Jean Valjean?

Valjean makes peace with Marius, with whom he had uneasy relations, and tells Cosette the name of her mother, Fantine. He dies content, under the light of the Bishop's candlesticks, and it is stated that an angel awaits to carry his soul to Heaven. He is buried in an unmarked grave, per his request, after death.

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Why does Valjean turn himself in?

Valjean's desire to exonerate Champmathieu is laudable, but doing so would be, in his thinking, an act of egotism: since the entire town has come to depend on Valjean's business and philanthropy, he would be abandoning many people who count on him if he turned himself in to satisfy his own guilt.

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What is the saddest part of Les Miserables?

Fantine dies with Valjean by her side, Eponine dies with Marius by her side, Enjolras, the students, and Gavrcohe die for their cause and all together. Valjean dies with Cosette and Marius by his side. So Javert is really the saddest from that point of view.

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What happens at the end of Les Miserables?

Marius eventually finds out from Thénardier that Valjean saved Marius's life. Ashamed that he mistrusted Valjean, Marius tells Cosette everything that has happened. Marius and Cosette rush to Valjean's side just in time for a final reconciliation. Happy to be reunited with his adopted daughter, Valjean dies in peace.

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What was Jean Valjean's crime?

Jean Valjean, after spending nineteen years in jail and in the galleys for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving family (and for several attempts to escape) is finally released, but his past keeps haunting him.

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Why did Jean Valjean burn his arm?

Valjean's motivation in laying the burning chisel on his arm is not entirely clear. In choosing suffering, he may be showing those around him that he doesn't fear pain or death, but rather wants to escape for other reasons—most likely having to do with his mandate to love and protect Cosette.

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Who is Jean Valjean in love with?

Jean Valjean wants to make it clear that he loves cosette and that he would do anything for her. Jean Valjean's love for Cosette grew as the story progressed. The idea of love is emerged and refined throughout cosette and Jean Valjean's journey as they deal with hideouts, marriage and death.

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Why Jean Valjean is a good person?

He is exceptional only in his physical strength and his willingness to discover what is good, and this earnestness is enough to make him the novel's hero as well as a savior and a friend to a number of people who find themselves in danger.

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What does Jean Valjean become?

After a meeting with a bishop in his way to receive his parole, Jean Valjean was convinced to begin a new life. Years later, Valjean was the mayor of the village of Montreuil-sur-Mer. He began as a worker on a ceramic workshop. He eventually became became the owner and was chosen mayor of the town.

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What is the main problem in Les Misérables?

major conflict Valjean struggles to transform himself from a thief into an honest man; over the years he struggles to stay a step ahead of the zealous police officer Javert and tries to raise his adopted daughter, Cosette.

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Is there a happy ending in Les Misérables?

Answer and Explanation: While some characters in Les Misérables meet terrible ends, such as Cosette's mother and Marius' brothers-in-arms, the main characters receive as happy an ending as can be expected for people in their circumstances. Jean Valjean saves Marius' life, and Marius and Cosette are reunited.

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Is there anything inappropriate in Les Misérables?

Yet despite the incredible musical score and a song designed for comic relief, Les Misérables deals with mature themes in desperate times. The portrayals of child abuse, prostitution, and a bloody rebellion may make this story too explicit for many younger viewers.

What causes the death of Jean Valjean? (2023)
Is Jean Valjean a tragic hero?

Jean Valjean is a tragic hero of Aristotelian dimension, whose exploits both inspire and humble with the surfeit of courage and compassion that define them.

Who plays Jean Valjean now?

The current 2023 cast of Les Mis in the West End is led by Josh Piterman as Jean Valjean and Stewart Clarke as Javert.

Who is the nemesis of Jean Valjean?

While imprisoned Valjean meets his future nemesis, the fanatical Inspector Javert. After serving his time, Valjean attempts to forge a new life as a good citizen, but the obsessive Javert can't let him go and pursues Valjean throughout the years to come.


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