Central finite curve rick and morty? (2023)

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What is the Central Finite Curve in Rick and Morty?


The Central Finite Curve, shorthanded to the Curve, is a defined portion of the multiverse, where most, if not all, Ricks present in the series reside.

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How does Evil Morty explain the Central Finite Curve?

Evil Morty believes Rick C-137 created the Central Finite Curve purely out of selfishness and to make sure no one, including none of the infinity Mortys, would ever have access to a universe in which Rick wasn't the dominant lifeform.

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Is doofus Rick part of the Central Finite Curve?

While he's the least intellectual Rick aboard the Citadel, Doofus Rick is still most likely the smartest man from his original dimension (Dimension J19ζ7), as the Central Finite Curve walls off any realities featuring an inferior Rick.

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Is Rick C-137 the original Rick?

Original Rick

Also known as Rick C-137, Rick Sanchez is both an undeniable genius and a misanthropic jerk. The writers of the show have been careful to reveal Rick's past in pieces, leaving much of his background a mystery.

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Is Rick the smartest man outside the Central Finite Curve?

When the war at the Citadel broke out, Evil Morty revealed the truth about Rick in "Rickmurai Jack." It turns out, he wasn't the smartest man in the universe, after all. All Rick and the Council of Ricks did was cordon off a series of universes into a "crib" known as the Central Finite Curve.

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Is Morty also C-137?

Are Rick and Morty Both from Dimension C-137? No. It's long been assumed that our Morty is also from C-137, the dimension that Rick and Morty accidentally Cronenberged in “Rick Potion #9.” That was never the case. Our Rick is from C-137, which saw Beth die as a child.

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What does C-137 mean?

Caesium-137, a radioactive isotope.

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Does Morty get molested?

A common misconception is that King Jellybean wanted aliens to lick him. This comes from a joke on Reddit that the writers wrote to entertain. They did however clear up and blatantly state that the King did in fact try to rape Morty and has committed rape in the past.

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Why did Rick make the Central Finite Curve?

It was also made out of fear. The Central Finite Curve is meant to separate universes where Rick is The Ace from universes where he isn't, out of a sense of maintaining their own superiority. However it's also there to protect the Ricks from forces they cannot overcome and things they cannot understand.

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What mental illness does Morty have?

What mental illness does Morty have? It is stated in the show that Morty has a learning disability and he is known for having no friends or social relationships in the show. This implies that he suffers from FAS, which would not be a huge surprise due to Beth's drinking problem.

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Can Doofus Jerry beat Rick?

Rick turned out to be useless against Doofus Jerry, who beat him up and declared himself superior to Rick. In Rick and Morty Issue 22 Rick told Morty how he had since tried several times to kill Doofus Jerry, but to no success.

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Is Doofus Jerry evil?

Unlike most Jerrys, he is a cruel, sadistic and intelligent businessman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is unable to take no for an answer and believes everything belongs to him. He is incredibly misogynistic, treating versions of Beth like objects and getting mad when C-137 rejects him.

Central finite curve rick and morty? (2023)
Did evil Morty destroy the Central Finite Curve?

Rick and Morty's season finale provided us with the show's most destructive moment yet. Evil Morty (or President Morty, if we're going by show canon) pulled back the curtain on Rick's greatest scheme, The Central Finite Curve – then promptly destroyed it and headed to a brand-new universe.

Why is Rick's skin GREY?

It confirms that Rick's skin color is his psychological corruption." The user posted three examples of Rick's skin tone in the thread, two from healthier times and one where Rick is excessively using drugs and alcohol.

How much IQ does Rick have?

He is over 300. "And considering his advancements in Science Fiction technology. His IQ would be well over 500. "Rick is the smartest man on earth.

What race is Rick Sanchez?


Who has the highest IQ in Rick and Morty?

Even his spaceship is more intelligent than 99% of the show's other characters. Rick Sanchez is not only the most intelligent character in Rick And Morty, but he may even be the most intelligent character ever created.

Is there a Morty smarter than Rick?

Rick's natural logical-mathematical and verbal-linguistic intelligences are preternaturally higher than Morty's by leaps and bounds. There's no dispute there. But Morty, while less naturally capable than Rick in these departments, is able to learn the ins and outs of both.

Is Rick Prime the rickest Rick?

He is the Rick who is responsible for the deaths of Diane and Beth Sanchez in Dimension C-137. Rick Prime's actions were the catalyst for Rick C-137 rising to power as the "Rickest Rick".

Is Rick C-137 the most powerful Rick?

The surprise first episode of Season 3 of the hit Adult Swim series reminded fans that Rick C-137 is the Rickest Rick of them all, which is why all the other Ricks (including the Council of Ricks) hate him so much. Here's the very probable reason why our Rick is that special Rickest Rick.

Does Rick C-137 love Morty?

Rick C-137 cries over his Morty because he loves him.

The revelation that there are infinite Ricks and Mortys out there in the multi-verse doesn't come as too much of a surprise.

Is Morty the one true Morty?

The One True Morty is a version of Morty Smith in Pocket Mortys and the 82nd Morty in the Morty Deck. It can only be aquired by evolving Egg Morty to level 20. What sets this Morty apart from every other Morty is his appearance.

Which universe is c137?

Earth C-137: The universe in which “our” Rick and Morty originated, which they abandoned after they “Cronenberg'd” it. This is the universe the original Jerry, Summer, and Beth currently inhabit.

Who is the Mortiest Morty?

This episode introduces Evil Morty, Doofus Rick, and many other Ricks and Mortys, but it also reveals who is the Mortiest Morty. At the end of the episode, Rick proclaims that C-137 Morty is the Mortiest Morty.

What is Mortys original dimension?

Dimension C-131 is a dimension that is apparently identical to Morty's original Dimension, a dimension in which Rick accidentally turned everyone into Cronenbergs.

Why was Mortys tortured?

History. Evil Rick and Evil Morty built a secret hideout/torture chamber on this planet, where they held thousands of kidnapped Mortys and tortured them in order to create "Morty waves" to camouflage their own brain waves.

Does Rick and Morty have autism?

Rick considers himself autistic.

But it actually set up one of the biggest character reveals of the season: Rick believe's he's on the spectrum. And it would explain a lot. For one, more and more research suggests a relationship between high intelligence and autism.

Is Rick and Morty for potheads?

Travel through dimensions with the series Rick and Morty. Potheads are loving it. If you have not yet heard about this gem of an animation series, read on, and find out why it should be your go-to series after hitting the bong.

Did Rick create the universe?

Synopsis. When Rick's car breaks down, he and Morty go inside its battery. Morty discovers that Rick has created a miniature universe inside the battery.

Why does Rick always have green stuff on his mouth?

He is occasionally seen with some green spill from drinking or splattered vomit on his mouth which is the result of him ODing from the massive amounts of alcohol he consumes on a daily basis, although this isn't always on his face but shows up mainly when he is drunk or after he throws up.

Is Rick's hair naturally blue?

Rick's mother was Bb (dominant blonde, recessive red), thus he was (dominant blue, dominant blue), demonstrating that this gene was superior to all other alleles for hair tone and did not behave like the majority of other hair gene alleles.

Who is toxic Morty?

Toxic Morty is the secondary antagonist in the Rick & Morty episode "Rest and Ricklaxation". He is the poisonous embodiment of Morty Smith's negative personality traits. He was voiced by one of the series' creator, Justin Roiland, who also voiced Rick Sanchez, Toxic Rick, Evil Rick, and Evil Morty.

What is Morty's full name?

Mortimer Chauncey Smith, Sr.

Who is Rick's biggest enemy?

Nimbus is a character who first appeared in the Season 5 episode "Mort Dinner Rick Andre" as well as the central antagonist of said episode. He appears to be capable of standing toe-to-toe with the mad scientist Rick Sanchez, even referred to as "my nemesis" by Rick. He is also the king of the ocean and Atlantis.

Did Rick fight a god?

It's through absolutely no skill of their own that they end up saving the day when Rick is losing a fistfight with a Zeus-like god named Reggie.

Who can outsmart Rick?

That's easy: Tammy Bird Person outsmarted him over the course of Season 2, culminating in S2E10.

Is Jerry a girl or bot?

Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Jerry is a cute young brown mute anthropomorphic house mouse, who first appeared as a mouse named Jinx in the 1940 MGM animated short Puss Gets the Boot.
Jerry Mouse.
Full nameGerald Jinx Mouse
SpeciesHouse Mouse
FamilyNibbles (ward)
9 more rows

Was Jerry a boy or girl?

Jerry is a boy, at least that is how it was portrayed in the cartoon. He would go "swooning" anytime a female mouse was in the show.

Is Jerry the rat or the cat?

What is Tom and Jerry? Tom and Jerry is an American cartoon series about a hapless cat's never-ending pursuit of a clever mouse. Tom is the scheming cat, and Jerry is the spunky mouse.

Why was Evil Morty killing Ricks?

President Morty's evil plan all along was simple: escape the cage Ricks built for him. He killed a lot of Ricks and a lot of Mortys, but ultimately all he wanted to do was get to the other side of the Central Finite Curve. To the part of the infinite multiverse free of Ricks' control over his kind's existence.

Is the Central Finite Curve infinite?

According to the show, there are infinite universes and infinite realities. But the central finite curve acts like a multiverse wall that holds a finite number of those universes where Rick exists.

How did Morty turn evil?

Evil Morty's backstory is mostly unknown but it's heavily implied that he was simply a normal Morty who, unlike the others, finally grew tired of every Rick's nihilistic, reckless and sociopathic behavior, leading him to go rouge and embark on a mission to escape the Central Finite Curve (the enclosed portion of the ...

Is Rick an older version of Morty?

“Rick and Morty” kicked off its sixth season with an even bigger reveal than it dropped in its fifth season finale: Rick Sanchez is not Morty's grandfather — at least this Rick (C-137) is not this Morty's grandfather.

Is Rick in Rick and Morty Mexican?

"Justin Roiland has confirmed that Rick is from Hispanic descent, but it's irrelevant to specify." Just another invisible day in Hollywood.

Why Rick is toxic?

Toxic Rick is the main antagonist of the Rick and Morty episode "Rest and Ricklaxation". He is the poisonous embodiment of the negative aspects of Rick Sanchez, who was separated from him due to having all of his cognitive toxins removed in an intergalactic day spa.

Who was 400 IQ?

Adragon De Mello: IQ 400

Though he was reported to have a projected IQ of 400, De Mello hasn't been in the public eye much in the past 20 years. We do know that in 2001, when he was a 24-year-old “high-tech worker,” he took custody of his father who was dying of bladder cancer.

Who had an IQ of 500?

Marilyn vos Savant (/ˌvɒs səˈvɑːnt/; born Marilyn Mach; August 11, 1946) is an American magazine columnist who has the highest recorded intelligence quotient (IQ) in the Guinness Book of Records, a competitive category the publication has since retired.

Who has an IQ of 132?

Jodie Foster has an IQ 132 - belongs to the extremely smartest people team and accounts for about 2% of the world's population. Her successes are clear evidence of her intelligence. Actress Jodie Foster was born in 1962, she was attached to cinema from a very early age.

Is Rick pansexual?

And, at Comic-Con this year, Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland announced that Rick is pansexual, and he wasn't joking.

How old is Morty now?

Biography. Currently, Morty is 14 years old. He first met his grandfather, Rick Sanchez, when the latter moved into his home after supposedly being absent for 20 years.

Did Rick create the Central Finite Curve?

The Central Finite Curve was designed by the precursors of what would later become the Council of Ricks on The Citadel to wall off the infinite amount of universes in which Rick is the smartest person alive from the rest of the infinite multiverse.

Is Morty from Dimension C-137?

Morty also refers to himself as "from Dimension C-137", unaware that he is not from the same dimension as Rick. Dimension C-137 is briefly mentioned in "Mortynight Run", when Rick is asked to identify his home dimension for identification purposes when returning to pick up his Jerry.

Which Rick invented the Central Finite Curve?

Evil Morty believes Rick C-137 created the Central Finite Curve purely out of selfishness and to make sure no one, including none of the infinity Mortys, would ever have access to a universe in which Rick wasn't the dominant lifeform.

When did Rick create the Central Finite Curve?

This comes out in the Season 5 finale, when "Evil Morty" reveals that Rick's quest ended not because he caught the killer, but because he made a deal with the surviving Ricks to create the Central Finite Curve, a collection of realities where Rick is the smartest man in the universe.


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